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Taurus carries on those epicurean traditions by collecting great works of art, indulging in fine cuisine, and creating homes fit for kings.Taurus is also artistic, and many are artists or patrons of the arts.

Romantically, you're drawn to status and success and prefer a partner who comes with all the traditional trimmings.

The bull is very knowledgeable about the world, incredibly articulate, and has a great speaking voice.

They are great listeners, highly observant, and their minds are like a sponge that soaks up and holds onto data and facts and stores them for that moment when they're needed or when they can be used to impress.

Taurus is fixed Earth, this leads to most of a Taurus individual's key personality traits. If some poor soul thinks they can just barge in and take over, they'll find they are soon on their way out the door.

The last thing one wants to do is challenge a bull head-on because they know how to butt heads and come out the winner.

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