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So just in case you never get the chance to do that, we've done it for you. There's the photographer, who's Helena's husband - see, it's like a family reunion! Shoots like that are the best when it's with someone really cool or in a really cool place.

Welcome to Life With Behati in which we grab lunch, go vintage shopping and hang out at her new apartment - so new Ikea boxes are stacked in the corner and clocks sit on the floor. My dad's a minister and my mom runs a bed and breakfast. I was in Cape Town on vacation with my grandmother and grandfather. - and then they're also doing these videos just for PINK. One day this group of 16-year-old soccer players wandered into the trailer park and asked one of the guys if we were filming a movie - because we're running around a swamp in underwear - and they tried to tell them we were just on spring break. Like this shoot I did in Cape Town and it was just so gorgeous. Our wall's plastered with pictures of Trentini jumping in American and it's always the same thing.

And if you're not, you'll probably never know what it's like to be one. There was actually a crocodile guy looking out for the crocodiles. Anyway, he has all these crazy stories about how he wrestles crocodiles and he's covered in crocodile bling - he looks like Crocodile Dundee. But if you get to get out and do something and be in an amazing beautiful place it doesn't feel like work. They're trying to execute this grand story whereas with something like PINK you know the brand, it's really straightforward and it's like a real job, a fun job, but real. He holds himself so well and his hair sticks straight up.

Unless of course you pepper a super successful one with a million questions. Yeah then we get dressed and spend the day changing in and out of outfits. He told us all about how they make crocodile bags and like you can't shoot them because it ruins the skins. You shot an editorial with Mikhail Barishnykov once. He's just so comfortable with himself and such a man. We actually got to dance - which didn't go in the magazine - and I was so scared but he was super nice.

It took me a few days to decide that I had to have it and by the time I went back it was gone. Like I thought I'd be ok until I got to the first Victoria's Secret show, I was like, I'm fine, I'm ready.

They then spent ten hours in the ER at Bellevue hospital and Jamie had to cancel his trip to Miami and has been walking around on crutches due to a fractured knee. About Coco, for a second, we love your videos, especially the lip-synching one. Like the Victoria's Secret show is super fun and everything's fitted to you, everything's taken care of and they want to make sure you're comfortable. What do you do on the few precious days you're not working - like the ideal New York day? I'm decorating my new place so I'd go searching for random stuff.

If I don't have to work, the last thing I want to do is plan a day. He does something different every time, it's like actually fun to work out.

Ok, let's do fun facts and then we'll go shopping?

He's walked the runway for many top designers, including Gucci, Calvin Klein, and Versace, and appeared in ad campaigns for Mulberry, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger. A quick glimpse of his Instagram feed won't turn up pix of Fanning, but there are plenty of artsy shots of his adventures around Manhattan and beyond.

As far as his relationship history, Fanning isn't the hunk's first celebrity girlfriend. Adam Levine — and the model pair even appeared together in the Summer 2010 issue of "I don't really date," she said.

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