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Lunar Gardening: Solar Fire's calendar has been revised to include gardening recommendations based on the phases and signs of the Moon.This information is placed in the top center of each calendar day, in green text.When clicked, it launches a browser entitled “Select the CSV file containing your data”. When you select a file, Solar Fire does some initial analysis to verify that it can make sense of the data contained within.If Solar Fire can then you have the options of selecting or de-selecting columns of data to display in the ephemeris by clicking on them, using the “Pick the Date Column” button to pick a column with date information (usually it detects the first one with dates), choose a range of rows to use (these numbers default to all the rows in the file), base the minimum and maximum of the graphing on all columns, or on a particular data column, display the vertical scale option (this defaults to checked, and means that there will be numbers from the financial data posted next to the angles on the Graphic Ephemeris).

Once these periods are determined, the technique can be used to identify periods of heightened activity or importance relative to certain topics, such as one’s career or relationships.Solar Returns Interpretations: The latest Solar Fire v9 now contains a brief interpretations report for Solar Returns.This report written by Stephanie Johnson evaluates and interprets the major themes for the forthcoming birthday year.Solar Fire now computes Primary Directions to Radix much faster and enables several more “rate keys” available in the Preferences / Settings / “Progs/Dirns” tab including Cardan’s key (59 degrees 12 minutes), Placidus’ key (based on the true solar arc in Right Ascension), Solar Birthday Longitude (similar to Kepler’s key, but longitude instead of right ascension), and User-determined rate.Solar Fire has also added an option for the Classical Converse or the Modern Converse methods.

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