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Maxwell Yas was the name used and he claimed to be an American Civil engineer working in Malaysia.Over the course of several months, the victim states that Yas convinced the victim to wire him large sums of money to help him as he had been having some financial problems. Montclair police urge residents to be aware that this is a common scam conducted on the internet.

He was awarded a contract award certificate stating the job order number, including the 30% initial payment with 70% to be given upon completion of the project in Malaysia.

He or she claims to fall in love with you right away – assuming you can actually “fall in love” with somebody you've never met, or been in the same room with – then eventually asks you for money.

(This person usually claims to have an impressive, upper-middle-class or better job – an engineer, a physician, an independently wealthy contractor or business owner – but there's always some complicated explanation why he claims to suffer a cash shortfall requiring your help.)Last summer, for example, a woman in Indiana lost 0,000 to a dating scammer before finally coming to her senses.

29 yr old Darrell Thompson was taken into custody without incident.

Cedar Grove released Darrell and issued him a new court date.

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