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Everything else: every other counter point I have heard so far (i.e.

why would Marla never be in the same room as Tyler, etc.) can be answered with one simple idea, which is that no one in the entire movie is real.

Note how Jack’s long coat and lack of pants have made it seem as if he is wearing a dress, a near perfect mirror image of Marla as they watch the 12 skyscrapers be demolished.

Marla and Tyler do not have reflections, because they do not exist.

We know for a fact Jack is crazy enough to manufacture at least one person, why would he stop there?

From the back, it is virtually impossible to tell who is who.There is a line about “fathers setting up franchises with other families,” and I never thought about connecting that with the fact that Fight Club was being franchised and the movie made that connection.I was just beating myself in the head for not having made that connection myself.The book is one thing, the movie is a completely different beast.It took the book and built on it, altered its meaning, and so much more.

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Tyler’s hair is styled and worn almost identical to Marla’s throughout most of the film.

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