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If so, it would probably be more beneficial to you to volunteer with that organization and focus your business plans on something else.If you really want to help your chosen cause, working with an already established organization will help far more than starting a rival business.Furthermore, given that their portfolio to a large part is focused on safe CBD Districts in New York and San Francisco, I would argue that the properties are worth more than even the at-cost value on the books.On the debt picture, Columbia's 2017 Annual Report tells us on Page 30 that the company has "a weighted-average cost of borrowing of 3.65% per annum." This chart from their Financial Supplemental shows the upcoming maturity schedule of debt: We see that Million of 5.55% and Million of 5.80% debt will be expiring in these next two years, which should lower the weighted-average cost of debt by around 10 basis points.Finally, I believe that the company is in very good shape to meet its now-reduced dividend obligations, and is poised to start increasing the dividend steadily due to its leasing activities.

If we assumed that the properties haven't lost any of their value, we could add this accumulated depreciation back and find that Columbia Property actually trades slightly below its "true" book value.

Before you become another disillusioned, burnt-out business owner, there’s a few things you need to consider about the Wyoming trust company before you decide if it’s really the right move for you.

First, why do you want to start a Wyoming Trust Company? Do you really have the passion and commitment it takes to follow through, and do you have the time and resources available to meet the need of that cause?

Though the returns have not been to standard, I believe that in investing we should look at a company by its current value proposition.

Its current stock price for price, versus its current assets and liabilities for value.

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