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She smiled with slightly way when she realized how wet I was, my clit hardened, to feel her delicate fingers stroking my pussy.I didn’t know if I continue or what to do when, out of fear that someone would see us or discomfort the families that took their children to the beach, I got up in a single pull and walked quickly towards the sea, she followed me without flinching.I appreciate male beauty but time made me realize that what fascinates me is the smell of girls.Talking about this, that’s why I knew that my 23 years old were good.It seemed that Nora knew the ones she wanted, as she began to lower her hands more down my crotch.

The location was a beach in Valencia, Spain, and it was good because the offer I found decided the site.

I couldn´t resist anymore when his tongue licks my neck.

I came immediately, and she felt my remarks of pleasure. She said, “Do not think that only you are going to take the fun with you, come with me” she takes my hand, and we leave the sea.

We kept talking, and it seemed we were close for a long time because the conversation flowed too well.

When without more than saying, Nora took the tanning cream, and began to pass it all over my body, and especially my breasts.

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I don´t remember if it was because one of his friends fell out or if it was because his shorts were not his size, the point is that I discovered the form of the best friend of all men, that friend who is between her legs.

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