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Haim later said that he was terrified of going onstage afterward, and had resolved never to go on any stage ever again.Haim's mother told Bop at the time: "It was the first time Corey realized how well-liked he is. He said to me, 'Wow, Mom, all these girls were there for me?Though he had seen Lucas, Schumacher initially was not sold on casting Haim. Haim jammed with his co-stars between takes, and enjoyed the large props room.Precluded from the nightly parties held by the older actors, Haim bonded with Corey Feldman as they stayed in the hotel watching movies and visited the local arcade.He did however own a car of his own, a gray 1988 Subaru XT6.The film featured Haim's signature ad-libbing at its height, of which he said: "It's one of my special things that I feel maybe I was just born with.Corey Ian Haim (December 23, 1971 – March 10, 2010) was a Canadian actor, known for a 1980s Hollywood career as a teen idol.

Producer Stanley Jaffe approached the father to remark on Haim's gifts, and recommended that he get an agent in Los Angeles.' I told him, 'Yes, Corey, I was sitting in the audience, and all those people were there for you.'" In November 1989, fresh out of the first of 15 stints in rehab, Haim released a self-promotional video titled Corey Haim: Me, Myself, and I, which followed a day in his life.Heavily scripted, Haim's monologues to camera were nevertheless unfocused and suggested that he was under the influence during filming.If he can continue to act this well, he will never become a half-forgotten child star, but will continue to grow into an important actor.He is that good." In 1987, Haim had a featured role as Sam Emerson, the younger of two brothers, a comic-reading teen turned vampire hunter in Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys.

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