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Derrick, a 27 year-old corporate lawyer with a large trust fund, enters the polar ...

See full summary » When a painting owned by one of her clients is stolen from a Barcelona museum, a New York-based artexpert is sent there to help investigate.

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After more paintings are stolen, she learns that...

It's enough to drive you six-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon-style crazy.His brother tries to reenlist him into the crime world, but Jamey resists, getting a job...See full summary » It's Martha's first night as a waitress in an upscale New York restaurant.Detective Lou Heinz discovers Anne is connected to a series of murders in which the victim is killed via poisoned wine while a radio... She hides in the loading space of Kid Kane's pickup, who's on the ...See full summary » Jamey Meadows is a convict just released from prison, hoping to live a straight life on the outside.

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