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It’s not a case of coming home from the pub after a few drinks, 'Oh it’s only a fiver, why not have a look? Women are able to go out and find what they’re looking for.They’re unlikely to sit around and be the housewife. We used to be the most controversial thing on the internet for a while.We’re by no means surprised that behind the doors in a bog-standard two up, two down semi-detatched there’s action far removed from the traditional.There’s a murky shade of grey that's become the new normal.IYou end up with guys and women joining the site, getting inuandated with people wanting to meet with them, but all they wanted was to feel that were still desirable.They’ve obviously felt down enough in their relationships where people simply sending them emails saying ‘Yes, I like the look of you’ is enough for them. Then you’ll have the people meet a partner on the site and have an affair for five or ten years without their partner ever knowing. Has working with Illicit Encounters made you cynical about marriage and monogamy?I’d be more than happy if people did not have affairs and I had to get a new job, but unfortunately that’s not the way the world works. We know how important it is to find someone, whether it's for romance, friendship or a relationship, so join today.

We’ve seen a massive number of people sign up who have effectively split up with their partner but can’t sell their homes, so can’t split up and can’t get a divorce. We've had a good number of occasions where both husband and wife sign up to the website – that’s become much more of a saddening trend now.

In my own relationships, I tend to see the early warning signs very quickly and can adapt and adjust.

Nobody wants to be in a relationship that isn’t going to work out.

(Laughs) Since we’ve been going divorce rates have gone down – I know I’m pulling two statistics together here that are completely unrelated.

We didn’t invent adultery and I think if someone wants to cheat they’re going to find a way to do so.

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When I think back to the person I was dating when I was 18 or the type of person I wanted to be with in my 20s, now that person is not the person I want to be with in my 30s. When I started this job I’ll be perfectly honest, I thought everyone on the website to be awful, horrible people. We’re one of the most expensive dating websites in the country. It’s not just done for pure profiteering, it’s done because we don’t want people joining on a whim.

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