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OSV: In your book you stress the importance of fathers talking with their daughters about sex and about God -- two of the toughest topics for most dads to raise with their girls. Those messages can be communicated simply by sharing his thoughts on what he thinks is good, by saying things like, “It’s really important that you're not sexually active until you're married,” or “Boy, it’s beautiful when a woman waits.” That’s what a daughter wants to hear.

Use simple language and ask very open-ended questions.

Fact: Teenage girls are twice as likely to stay in school if their fathers are involved in their lives. This interview by Emily Stimpson is reprinted with permission from the June 15, 2008 issue of Our Sunday Visitor. Fathers have a tremendous power over their daughters. His interactions with her set her up for how she’s going to relate to all other men and to God. If she learns to like her dad, and she can trust him, she’ll have a much easier time trusting her husband and trusting God.

OSV: Whether fathers like it or not, what do their daughters expect from them? Meg Meeker: A daughter naturally wants to view her dad as a leader. That's not just the way it’s supposed to be; that’s the way it is. OSV: What do you think is the most common, albeit perhaps well-intentioned, mistake that most fathers make?

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Meeker: Fathers dramatically underestimate the importance of themselves in their daughters’ lives.

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