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Spacey, accused by more than a dozen men and women of charges ranging from harassment to attempted rape, has been dropped by his agent and publicist, effectively fired from Netflix’s , after the film had been completed. surfaced, HBO removed his past work from its streaming services and canceled his appearance in a forthcoming comedy special. These three cases aren’t the only ones of their kind — and it seems likely that more allegations and revelations are on the way. Hollywood’s swift efforts to expunge Weinstein, Spacey, and C. are heartening — especially when viewed alongside parallel cases in politics, such as the horrifying attempts to downplay similarly carefully reported allegations against figures like Senate candidate Roy Moore, accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl.It’s still scheduled for release on December 22; Spacey’s scenes will be reshot with Christopher Plummer taking over as Getty, and Scott is reportedly footing the bill along with the movie’s producer, Imperative Entertainment. Netflix announced that it will no longer move forward with a planned C. Few people who’ve been in the industry for any length of time really believed it would ever happen.

Now, she lives in the UK somewhere -so it is harder for me!Woody Allen usually has one mode of operation: a movie a year.Previn is Farrow’s adopted daughter from her failed marriage to composer André Previn. The first trailer has dropped for Woody Allen's upcoming drama with Amazon Studios, and it's looking to be one chaotic ride.Taking place in New York's Coney Island in the 1950s, the story follows the intertwining lives of a former actress now working as a waitress (Winslet), her ride-operator husband (Jim Belushi), his estranged daughter on the run from gangsters (Juno Temple), and a lifeguard who dreams of becoming a playwright (Justin Timberlake).

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  1. Now, as she is named 69th on the most powerful women list alongside other fashion figures, Diane von Furstenburg, Muccia Prada and Gisele Bundchen, Ms Wintour seems either in denial, or keen to right a wrong.