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The key issue, as noted in Beofett's studies, is that increased TV use is generally a sign of less social interaction.However, it's important to recognise that "Low Media Use" is an abnormal state in most Western countries.I know that their eye sight is not developed to the point where they can really watch it.But perhaps the moving shapes and the sounds pique the interest for her growing brain and senses. I also want to clarify that we are always interacting with the baby, except when she is asleep, or when we're trying to cook dinner.It might distract them, but again, at that age, the world is full of distractions. As noted in the accepted answer, many studies suggest that television can hinder intellectual development.

In summary, research findings to date might suggest a correlation between television viewing and developmental problems, but they cannot show causality.

Infants only have black/white vision the first 6 months, so the mobiles need to have distinct shapes and contrasting patterns (dots, spirals, lines, etc.). In addition, the light from the TV or Computer can interfere with the bodies natural production of melatonin.

I always find the topic of children vs TV as an odd dichotomy.

There's a constant flood of light and dark flashes, fast movements, transitions and cuts between perspectives and scenes.

If you look at your screen out of the corner of the eye, you'll get an idea of this - Or walk into a TV store... Also, it doesn't have to be "Rambo"; even a relatively calm show like the evening news has lots of multi-camera action.

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We adults don't really notice the fast pace because we can follow what's going on and it makes sense to us.

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