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You are clearly not interested in talking, but I am enjoying teasing you a bit. Porter, you're an incredibly good-looking man and intelligence really gets me going." "Duly noted." I smirk, out of ideas and you know it. Your other hand slides up my thigh and under my skirt. You step back amused as I get off the desk and lightly nudge you towards your chair.

I fumble through the conversation while finding excuses to lean over or fidget in a way that causes my skirt to slide up some. Once you sit, I kneel before you between your knees and free your hard cock only to engulf it in my mouth.

With one hand you tease a nipple through my clothes while your other hand again slides up my skirt.

My hands wander over you grasping wherever they can as our kisses continue and grow more intense.

"I recommend you get up off the floor." I smile sweetly and get up in a decidedly unladylike fashion, giving you a flash of the black lace panties beneath my skirt. Your hand moves from my collar to my neck as you kiss me gently. Your free hand finds my waist and pulls me tightly to you.

I'm so lost in those kisses that I don't notice you've unbuttoned my blouse until you pull it down and use it to hold my arms behind me.

It's a bit unexpected; however, I'm lost in the moment as you kiss down my neck and along the top of my breasts.

The white knee-high socks and Mary Jane shoes complete the look and make the skirt look even shorter than it is. "I could be having more fun." "Interesting." Without any further delays you kiss me and lift me up onto the desk, stepping between my knees. " You slightly growl in my ear, "My little minx; my good girl." I melt, squirming in my already wet panties.

You take in the view appreciatively, clearly already thinking over what will happen in here soon enough. Porter, I have some questions about the paper you assigned this week," I say. "Have a seat." I lean over slightly further than necessary as I sit down giving you an eyeful. One of your hands intertwines in my hair, holding my head to the side as you kiss and lightly bite my neck. The hand in my hair slides down to my breast but I'm eager for something else and start to undo your belt.

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My nipples immediately harden as your right hand goes to the small of my back, supporting me as you lean me back with your left hand on my neck.

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