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Here's where you can meet singles in Oakville, Ontario.There are thousands of active singles on Date looking to chat right now. We have all type of personals, Christian singles, Catholic, Jewish singles, Atheists, Republicans, Democrats, pet lovers, cute Oakville women, handsome Oakville men, single parents, gay men, and lesbians.Sarging - for anyone who dosn't know is the word used for going out into the real world to specifically pick-up women (or at least attempt). If you can achieve the proper vibe you can be unstoppable on the street. I say, "You know you can't park there." She stops before dropping coins in the meter, "Oh really, why? The same goes for girls at school/college - you straight away have something in common, ie the school you are at, the classes you are in - its only hard if you make it hard, just ENJOY THE INTERACTIONS and HAVE FUN! So much so that you could never hope to even approach. If you want to teach someone how to be a decent person and pull women then read Sauce Head's sticky and enlighten yourself so that you may do so. If ya try too hard and go over board with all these tatics, its going to be a lame night. You dont even have the balls to approach a girl on the street and even if you did you dont have the game to even have sex with a hot girl.Many people have different interpretations of what sarging means to them - some believe that sarging is primarily based on a Sexual outcome, going out in a bid to get laid that night, some believe that it is focussed on separating the wheat from the chaff in order to find the partner that suits you, some believe in using it as a tool to simply overcome their approach shyness, to become a world class PUA, to make money from it. If you are going to Neg on opening make sure you have a smile to compensate. " I say, "Cause I said so." She calls me a **** - in a sisterly way. If you want something bad enough, you will get it - if you want a can of Soda from the fridge -do you overanalyse for 20 mins about how your going to get to the fridge? You do this board a disservice by not reading the stickies. If you just want to SARGE (as your post STRONGLY suggests) then go away. If you had bothered to read the stickies you would have seen a guide that is far superior in explanation of techniques and immensely better written. I could just imagine seeing someone with a hand full of papers flipping through the papers... Im giving this guy props cuz what he says is true and can be used to anyones advantage so dont bash him when all you are still virgins.

A default format for one that always sounds spontaneous is: "I saw you (doing what you're doing) and I have to say (what you noticed and like about her look)." It's a really, really easy formula, but ALWAYS sounds spontaneous and uncanned, never like a pickup line. Always control the meta-frame of the conversation, that being: 1. With everything a girl says - she gives you a wealth of topics in which to direct the conversation, aswell as all the things around you which you can use for conversational fodder and ultimately directing the conversation towards sex: Imagine a girl said this: 'Ohh i went to a party last night, i got real drunk and danced like crazy with all my friends, i also kinda kissed one of them for fun' The topics would be...

So remember - while you talk, slowly and subtley move around her to get her facing in the opposite direction, or you can just move over to somewhere less crowded - ie a shopside window or by one of those rails in the upper tier of a mall. For day sarging, direct game is probably the best - just last Friday i opened an HB8 with: 'Hey do you have a boyfriend? I have to say you have a really cool funky style that I dig." ... I have to say you have the most *dangerous* walk I've ever seen on a girl." Whatever you think.

HB8: No 'Well, i saw you walking and thought you were pretty cute, it'd be great if we could exchange numbers' HB8: ok It can be that easy, but bear in mind - just asking for someones number and getting it dosnt mean the games won - you have to generate rapport and establish somekind of connection to really allow her to get to want to know you better, ie the followup - date etc. You can even find one compliment that you really like and always fill in the second blank with that.

So if you approach a woman on the street who is obviously going somewhere (which she will be) you have to take her off course. It has to be performed like it just popped into your head. After you say something funny, before the laugh totally is gone say, "Hey, this might be wacky, but let's go around the corner and get an ice-cream.

While in conversation with her, slowly and subtley change the way your body is facing, move around her slowly as you speak but not so its noticeable - make it blend into the conversation.

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Whatever your interpretation of it is, it is integral to your game, and your evolution in the seduction community - if you want to get better with women your going to have to sarge at somepoint and yes - that means going into the real world and approaching REAL girls! The main problem with Daygame and approaching sets on the street is making the set stick, holding court with a group you just approached in the mall or on the street is hard - because during the day, most people are on their way 'somewhere', be that work, school, anywhere - and anyone that tries to get in their way is usually frowned upon. So much so that you could never hope to even approach. If you want to teach someone how to be a decent person and pull women then read Sauce Head's sticky and enlighten yourself so that you may do so. Yeah, I mean ok - if it was a slanderous post or a bunch of contrived drivvle that had no help to anyone in it, then i could have understood.

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