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As a result, it only briefly skims desktop graphics, but spends a lot of time on more general topics like object-oriented programming, data structures like Lists and Maps, generic types, lambda expressions, streams, concurrent and parallel programming, file I/O, network programming, and so forth.

The relatively few parts on IDE development and deployment use Eclipse, but of course none of the actual code is specific to Eclipse.

But, some of the earlier sections also have easier or slower moving exercises for those that have little previous programming experience.

Remember that this tutorial series is primarily intended for developers that have used another high-level language, so this section almost certainly moves too quickly for those without previous programming experience.

The training materials home page has tutorials on many more advanced topics related to Java and Web programming, but the core Java language is the foundation for all of the topics.

The key to learning is practicing, so each section contains exercises for you to try on your own.

If you already know earlier Java versions and only want to learn the new Java 8 features, you can read the tutorial on lambdas and streams in Java 8.

That tutorial is a subset of this one that focuses only on the new Java 8 capabilities.

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