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Research in the 20th century emphasized shamanistic traits deriving from the ecstatic cult practices of Thracian medicine men in the early Pythagorean outlook.The rules for the religious life that Pythagoras taught were largely ritualistic: refrain from speaking about the holy, wear white clothes, observe sexual purity, do not touch beans, and so forth.Judging from Aristotle’s account, gnomon numbers, represented by dots or pebbles, were arranged in the manner shown in the figure.If a series of odd numbers are put around the unit as gnomons, they always produce squares; thus, the members of the series 4, 9, 16, 25,… If even numbers are depicted in a similar way, the resulting figures (which offer infinite variations) represent “oblong” numbers, such as those of the series 2, 6, 12, 20,….Some Pythagoreans deduced from this belief the principle of “the kinship of all beings,” the ethical implications of which were later stressed in 4th-century speculation.Pythagoras himself seems to have claimed a semidivine status in close association with the superior god Apollo; he believed that he was able to remember his earlier incarnations and, hence, to know more than others knew.

There was also a cosmogonical theory (a theory of the origins of the cosmos) that explained the generation of numbers and number-things from the limiting-odd and the unlimited-even—a theory that, by stages unknown to scholars, was ultimately incorporated into Plato’s philosophy in his doctrine of the derivation of sensed realities from mathematical principles.The character of the original Pythagoreanism is controversial, and the conglomeration of disparate features that it displayed is intrinsically confusing.Its fame rests, however, on some very influential ideas, not always correctly understood, that have been ascribed to it since antiquity.Yet there are also aspects of it that appear to have owed much to the more sober, “Homeric” philosophy of the Ionians.The Pythagoreans, for example, displayed an interest in metaphysics, as did their naturalistic predecessors, though they claimed to find its key in mathematical form rather than in any substance.

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