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Which is why Danny’s girl-crazy, limo-driving brother Larry (Eddie Kaye Thomas, AMERICAN PIE) is horrified to discover that Danny is not only shy and nervous when it comes to the opposite sex, he’s also a virgin.Years from now, anthropologists will have a field day examining how the mobile device changed ritualistic dating patterns within Western society.And there are other online dating apps from companies just like Crazy Blind Date, in which the geolocation functionality of your mobile device helps you find other people near you to meet.As the whole process of dating has become a whole lot less casual, it’s also redefining the types of potential partners we find attractive.(Take the poll: Will you use a dating app on Valentine’s Day?) Of course, it remains to be seen whether all this hyper-dating via mobile device is just another fad for the young, promiscuous digerati looking for love in all the wrong places — or every place they possibly can.

Maybe people like the element of surprise and don’t look up everything about the person prior to meeting them for a drink.Now that Facebook is ready to roll out Graph Search to all one billion users, it will be theoretically possible to comb through a list of your friends and find (some say “stalk”) others with the same interests as you.No more letting your mother (or worse yet, your grandmother) set you up with someone they think you might like.A hilarious comedy about Danny (Chris Pine), an intelligent, confident, handsome young man who also happens to be blind.Not that he’s letting that hold him back — for the most part, Danny refuses to let his visual impairment get in the way of anything.

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Just as the concept of “arranged marriage” now strikes us as quaint, the idea that we would ever enter the dating fray without a mobile device or trust our hearts more than our minds might similarly strike us as anachronistic at some point in the near future.

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