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The Ra content was determined by their radioactive descendants’ concentrations.We could decide that the CRS was the best applicable model.Dating sediments uses the 210Pb from the atmosphere.210Pb is a daughter of the 222Rn, which emanates from the soil but is different from that contained in the sediment, which is in balance with the 226Ra.The solution was filtered through Whatman filter paper (blue ribbon) with the addition of 10 m L 40% ammonium acetate.The solution was heater in a heating plate and 2.0 m L of 30% Na (25 mg/m L) was added and the radio was precipitated with glacial acetic acid. Samples were measured after 21 days of precipitation.The chemical yield was determined by gravimetry and the contents of Ra were determined by alpha-beta counting from their daughters with a system Canberra℘ (model S5-XLB).The measurement time for each sample was standardized at 50 minutes, cover with a plastic thin layer for Pb CIC model (Figure 4, Figure 5, Figure 6, Figure 7) and the CRS model (Figure 10 and Figure 11) to sediment cores collected at different stations.

When outbreaks of disease happen, locating the origin and pattern and its transmission are of critical importance — and isotope techniques can help.A 70 cm long and 5 cm internal-diameter wide core was used for sediment sampling.Samples were dried at 105 °C, and about 5 g dry material was dissolved with acids.To the precipitate was added 15 m L of tritriplex and heated in heating plate to dissolve all the precipitate.Four drops of methyl red and 1 m L of 1.8N H were added, as well as glacial acid for p H adjustment.

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