Dating an emotional vampire

Let’s say you muster the courage to confront him about his insults towards your heritage,intelligence, skills, self-esteem, family or even education.

He’s so selfish, that he only cares about his feelings and only cares about getting his way.

Men who also repeatedly lie, cheat and manipulate, also fall into this category.

Since they do things behind their girlfriend’s back as a way to get back at her for whatever slight.

His passive aggressive tendencies make anyone closest to him feel enraged and that’s where he gets his emotional blood from; From your high blood pressure and near stroke moment when he contains every conversation you have and pinpoints it all back to you, intentionally.

3.) Lacks empathy and is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others.

He’s so insecure that he compares himself to others and he compares you to others too.

Okay, people read Twilight and Anne Rice books and think vampires are the most romantic creatures ever.

Well, If any of these hopeless romantics ever had a real emotional vampire prey on their moods and continually suck the life out of them, than they would think twice before ever making a commitment to these emotional soul suckers.

No one can fix that but him, and it’s highly doubtful he would even want to do so, since people like that view themselves as demi-gods.

7.) He shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.

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So, if you think you are dating (or worse) in a relationship with an emotional vampire, please run away and do not look back. Meaning it’s all about him and you must cater to his needs, at all times.

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