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The push-key padlock was of simple construction, the bolt kept in locked position by the projection of a spring or springs.To unlock, the springs were compressed or flattened by the key, which freed the bolt and permitted it to slide back.Padlocks of this type are most universally used in the Orient today.The decoration reflects the arts of the countries, and shapes often took the form of animals - dragons, horses, dogs, even elephants and hippopotamuses.New concepts for locking devices were developed in Europe in the 17th century.Early Bramah locks utilized a series of sliders in a circular pattern to provide exceptional security.The first use of wards (fixed projections in a lock) was introduced by the Romans who devised obstructions to "ward off" the entry or turning of the wrong key.Wards were notched and cut into decorative designs, and warding became a basic locking mechanism for more than a thousand years.

They were known in early times to merchants traveling ancient trade routes to Asia and Europe.The pegs at the bit end of the key correspond to the bars, or the tumblers, in the bolt.When inserted, the pegs lifted the tumblers so that the bolt could be retracted and the door or gate could opened.Records show them in use some 4,000 years ago in Egypt.Fastened vertically on the door post, the wooden lock contained moveable pins or "pin tumblers," that dropped by gravity into openings in the cross piece or "bolt," and locked the door.

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