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Take a look at it for yourself, below, and then we can discuss. Both Reinhart and Sprouse subtly grin when their hands touch, which—in my opinion—implies they have a secret they can't tell the world yet.

And that secret is they're making out off camera too.

They've been too busy spilling season-two tea all over San Diego Comic-Con.

But they might not have to say anything explicit: A gesture the two made during a recent interview says more than their words ever could. During the interview, the cast dishes a lot about the upcoming season, which is exciting, but not as exciting as the fact Reinhart and Sprouse secretly hold hands around the eight-minute mark. It lasts only for a few seconds, but it's glorious.

Now that Leonard and Penny are dating, which means that Penny will be at the guys' apartment more often, Sheldon and Penny have to come to an understanding on how to get along better.

Sheldon's approach is to use positive reinforcement, which he plans on using to "train" Penny. Sheepishly admitting to having an STD is the new flirting. Finding the time that's right for you is the new impotence. Gay marriage is the new "be careful what you wish for." And finally, and only because I really need this to catch on, fifty-seven years old is the new forty-five.

No Ambition Guy"This is the guy who doesn't want to improve his life.

He's not very motivated, he's not very accountable for his actions, he's not very accountable to anything or to anyone, especially you, and that's how it would affect you," Costa says.

Miraculously, at the bar, Howard and Raj are picked up by two women named Bethany and Sarah (not that anyone cares about Sarah). Looking forward to insanely expensive private schooling, thousand dollar a week nannies and soccer is the new yuppie birth control. Veganism is the new "tastes like chicken." Serotonin uptake inhibiting is the new crowd control.

The girls take the guys on an outing that may out the guys as being non-goth.

Sheldon says that he is using operant conditioning with Penny based on the works of Thorndike and Skinner. CHUCK LORRE PRODUCTIONS, #260 FASHION TRENDS Dead is the new unambiguous.

Plus, look at Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom), Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge), and Casey Cott's (Kevin Keller) facial expressions.

Is it just me or are they clocking the hand-holding and chuckling to themselves because they know what's going on?

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  1. There’s a body of research that says it does, and suggests that we’re probably giving the question short shrift when we’re scouting out prospective dates or deciding whom to marry; hiring an employee or a nanny; choosing a therapist, dentist or lawyer; or meeting someone new.