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Bill Maher, by his full name William Maher, Jr., was born on 20th of January 1956, in New York City.

The comedian Bill Maher is the son of William Maher Sr and Julie Maher.

After noting that some people were disappointed with the president's lack of accomplishments, he paused before his punchline. In 2013, he mocked Trump's birtherism by offering million if Trump could prove that he wasn't the love child of an orange-haired orangutan.

The future president, determined to prove himself a thin-skinned primate by other means, sued over the joke, allowing Maher to carry on, in his words, "a three-month national debate over whether his mother fucked an ape." The week after his Putin joke, Maher would pantomime Ivanka Trump jerking off her father to keep him calm.

He had a relationship with porn star Heather Hunter and in 2003 he dated Coco Johnsen, the former Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week.

They were romantically involved for over a year and a half, but after their break up she sued the former host of Politically Incorrect tv show.

Bill Maher was also romantically linked to Stacy, Heather Hunter and Ann Coulter.

Bill Maher and Ann Coulter relationship is still a mistery, both of them stating that they are just friends.

"It's really old-school in that sense," says Larry Wilmore, who hosted his own series, on Comedy Central, until last year. The preparation that goes into making it look effortless like he does is extraordinary."Onstage, Maher wore a black suit, white shirt, and blue tie.Bill Maher stated several times that he enjoys his bachelor status and doesn't want to be married.In 2006, Bill Maher, who is also a usual at Playboy Mansion, startded dating Karrine Steffans, the author of the best-seller Confessons of a Video Vixen.Bill Maher's father, an Irish Catholic, was an NBC editor and his mother, a Jewish, was a nurse.Bill Maher's religion views may have the roots in the comedian's childhood, because he didn't know that his mother was a Jewish until he was a teenager, being raised in his father's Catholic religion.

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The bachelor image of Bill Maher, saved him, because his lawyers said in Los Angeles Superior Court that Bill Maher is a "confirmed bachelor" and that "he never promised to marry her or to have children with her".

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