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The woman told police this struggle continued for about 3 to 5 minutes.Finally, she pushed Singh away from her and told him "no" again, but then he grabbed her breasts, court records say.I promptly get trigger-happy and tick "yes" to a local lad who “likes” me too. Maybe I'm being a tad picky for someone using a free hookup app?On closer inspection, his pics are all selfies, which screams "I’m vain and don’t have any friends to take pics of me.” Another cutie introduces himself with a coy "heyyy" (words are stretched out on Tinder, for some reason – "How are you? ") but I note his height in comparison to his friends in group shots. Tuesday My sociopathic curiosity and appetite for constant validation are fuelled by Tinder's addictive swipe function.It's as compulsive as moodboarding baking projects on Pinterest: swipe, scroll, drool, click, reload. Wednesday The localised aspect of the app hits me tonight – at my local. I don't even need to leave my sofa to flirt, let alone risk liver damage in pursuit of enough Dutch courage to politely humour a clinger for 45 minutes.I keep coming back for more cheap, mindless thrills throughout the day. Online, I simply opt-in to a flirt, and if I don't respond no one gets hurt. Thursday I'm headed to Yorkshire to visit a friend for the evening and take the opportunity to spin the Tinder wheel.Singh then allegedly moved his hands down her back, prompting the woman to say, "no," "stop" and "let me go" multiple times.She was visiting her boyfriend at the apartment building when she headed out to the garage on her way to buy cigarettes at a nearby Albertsons. The woman then offered to buy a pregnant homeless woman a beverage at Albertsons and Singh walked with them to the end of the street.

Friday Been chatting to someone cute for three days now.

The first alleged attack occurred May 9 at SHAG Interurban, where a 67-year-old resident headed for the lobby at 6 a.m. At one point, Singh reportedly walked 50 to 75 feet from the front door to where she sat and stood directly in front of her.

He asked her personal questions such as her marital status.

The woman returned from the store to find Singh at his original post and he resumed small talk with her until he grabbed her around the lower back and said, "You're so beautiful" and "Give me a kiss," police reports indicate.

As a trailblazer of casual sex and being skint, I am allegedly the prime example of the demographic that is turning to the Tinder i Phone app.

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