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With reference to its effect it is the "Sacrament of the Holy Ghost", the "Sacrament of the Seal" ( signaculum, sigillum, sphragis ).

the words essential for confirmation, has been indicated above in the description of the rite.

They must, however, use chrism blessed by a patriarch.

Matter and Form There has been much discussion among theologians as to what constitutes the essential matter of this sacrament. Aureolus and Petavius, held that it consists in the imposition of hands. Thomas, Bellarmine, and Maldonatus, maintain that it is the anointing with chrism.

On the other hand, its reception is obligatory ( necessitate præcepti ) "for all those who are able to understand and fulfill the Commandments of God and of the Church. Apart, however, from such controversies the importance of confirmation as a means of grace is so obvious that no earnest Christian will neglect it, and in particular that Christian parents will not fail to see that their children are confirmed.

This is especially true of those who suffer persecution on account of their religion or are exposed to grievous temptations against faith or are in danger of death. Sponsors The Church prescribes under pain of grievous sin that a sponsor, or godparent, shall stand for the person confirmed.

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