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Friends that are 5 levels apart have a hard time playing together without trivializing the experience for one another. As a seller it is a big pain in the end to have to constantly relist your items that don't sell.Especially if you are out in the field and get the items back in the mail and there is no AH nearby. The guild system and its controls are very primitive compared to EQ2.I also have a computer CD of all the things I have learned about Lyme disease that I will send out free postpaid to anyone who desires a copy in the US/Canada. I am going to be playing Lord of the Rings Online allot less and Everquest 2 more. I have related it a few times but figured I would post it here.There are 3 main areas that the game LOTR is currently annoying me: 1) No mentoring.----READ THE FULL FEATURE HERE--- Last month, I sat down with Steve Prestegard, editor of the Platteville Journal.

They have an incredible epic story line that puts you in to the story of LOTR and something on the order of 5,000 side quests to keep you interested if that is not enough..

The first 30 seconds is a digital voice and is NOT indicative of the rest of the feature. Other than that little nit I found this very enjoyable. Each person has shared a bit of their story, giving a glimpse into ways that Ive impacted their lives.

You never know what is going to touch someone, and I find these stories incredibly inspiring.

In case you didn't know, Scott Adams is a true pioneer in the adventure game world.

He was the first man to bring adventure games to home computers through his company Adventure International.

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