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We’re encouraging people to express their hobbies, no matter how “country” they are. I’d say it’s dogs first, then horses and cats, then livestock. It’s funny, we get about a 50/50 split of people registering.

But when it comes to actually filling out a profile, it’s women who follow through. I’ve done as much research as possible without actually seeing it.

Do the local produce stands just let them rot away? Or are they launched from giant 60-foot cannon that send them whizzing 2,000-feet through the air?

When we launched, online dating was still a taboo in the countryside.

Some of my friends thought [Muddy Matches] was a rubbish idea, that it wouldn’t go anywhere. We wanted people to feel comfortable expressing their hobbies—farming, shooting, horses, all the different country pursuits.

There were several different classes for chunkers to enter.

Machine classes included centrifugal, catapult, trebuchet, air cannon, and human powered torsion. Last year, it was estimated that nearly 20,000 people showed up to see the machinists launch pumpkins out of the wacky devises.

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