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If resource allocation is going to be accurate, again the software must be able to account for a resource's default work schedule.For example, if a team member works twenty hours a week, then the resource allocation grid should turn show over allocation after four hours of work per day have been assigned. If the software is unable to block that time off, again the resource allocation grid will be incorrect, making the resource manager or project manager's job more difficult.Also, clients are demanding more visibility and transparency into their projects' progress.Client-facing project teams that possess a collaborative software system to interact with their customers are selling this as a competitive advantage and winning business over their competition.Many companies attempt to manage projects using desktop software applications like Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel.The main challenge with using desktop software to manage projects is that these applications were not designed for collaboration among several parties.If resource demand is an issue, then a decent mid-market or high end solution may be the only option.All projects have assets that belong to the project and/or tasks.

D., Vice President, Project Insight My team speaks with project managers, directors of operations, vice presidents of professional services, chief financial officers, and other project team members every day.That is, the information is not available in real-time.Projects are inherently dynamic efforts that change by the hour and sometimes minute.Project assets can include project scope documents, risk lists, issues lists, files, emails, and deliverables, to name a few.The common use file sharing on networks seems to be the lowest common denominator for project teams.

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