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This is a part of the company’s plan to soon offer a fully-fledged restaurant operating system, according to Mani Kulasooriya, the Chief Executive Officer of Leapset. Kulasooriya also revealed that the next big step for his company was another acquisition in the outside-of-restaurant, or promotion, space.This next step is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2014, with two or three potential candidates already having been singled out for consideration.Britain’s first insect farms, harvesting larvae from billions of flies as protein for animal feed, are being planned in an agricultural revolution.The industrial plants will each hold 8.5bn black soldier flies — more than one for every person on the planet.This also complements Leapset’s existing flagship product, which is a point of sale (POS) offering, for the middle-of-restaurant space, that Mr.Kulasooriya opined is the “most elegant” product available in the space to date.As there is No Longer Any Hope for my romantic endeavours, I will share some of the things I learnt before I quietly slink off into perpetual singlehood.I'm a fairly recent convert to Ok Cupid and Tinder.

The people you date want to know why you are not married. One of the side effects of matrimony is the urge by the happily married couple to play matchmaker for their single friends.In fact, it also emerged that, while the company’s current focus was small and medium restaurants, it would start going after corporate accounts during 2014, primarily due to the number of inquiries that it had received to date about its POS. Kulasooriya also talked about the new Leapset Insights service that his company was now offering to its existing customers, which is a credit card analytics option that allowed restaurateurs to mine data from existing records, such as which customers return most often (by name), how much do they spend, what days have the most business, how rain/seasons effect business, etc.He noted that this would add a lot more value based on the data available from a restaurant’s credit card transactions already handled by Leapset.Before that I used to take my chances meeting men in real life.This led to being accosted in the tomato aisle at Fruit & Veg by a very persistent man who demanded my BBM pin, proceeded to text like a teenager, then asked if I would be OK with Spur for our first date. So far it has been 90% successful and I'm happy to share that I have not met any serial killers, which was my biggest fear going in.

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