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They’re swapping (unprintable) tales from their wilder days, after learning that the east London car park we’re shooting in doubles as an underground rave venue.

But before long, they’re sharing stories of their kids.

And Charlie, 31, beams about being a first-time dad to son Arlo, 18 months.

It was a shocking end to a phenomenally successful two years for the pop-punk trio that saw them achieve four No.1 singles, sell over 5 million albums, scoop two Brit Awards and play 11 consecutive nights at Wembley.

I know the reasons why [he said what he did] and understood those reasons.

He knows that and we’ve never had an argument about it.

They didn’t want it to end and I was taking it away from them. I felt bad, but I was like: “This has to happen.” I think they understood my struggle and what I was doing was for the right reasons. How did you feel when Charlie was asked about a Busted reunion and he said it wouldn’t happen in a million years?

For them to act in the way they did is absolute testament to their wonderful characters. I think people expect there to be this crazy rift between us because of the things he said.

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We sit down with the guys to chat drug addiction, staying friends and putting the past behind them to bring Busted back from the dead. I’m such a different f**king person now compared to when I was 21. Unlike Charlie and James, you haven’t been out of the spotlight. My debut single [Up All Night] did all right, but the second single [Hey Kid] didn’t do so well. We try to make time to be a couple and I love nothing more than hanging out with Emma. You were adamant you’d never rejoin Busted and once described being in the band as like torture…

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