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my first ever proper dress that my family new about was Halloween my mum told me I could dress up as anything I wanted to my sister was going as a sexy fairy so I said to my sis who knew I dressed I am going as the same as you I don't think mum will let you but go on see what... Early Saturday morning, I showered, shaved and prepared for...

After my first wife and I divorced, I thought I would be single forever. It was a weeknight and I was out cross dressed enjoying dinner. Since there was no place to go I finished dinner and paid the bill... My secretary and myself are very close, she knew i was an avid crossdresser but had never saw me and had never said she wanted to.

Great, I have the house to myself probably all day.

I changed into my pantyhose, bra and a black and white floral house...

She didn't actually catch me dressed..found my panty stash.(I'll post something on one of the other divorced and my x had our son one day when i came home from work i was so tired from working night shift i put on a black leotard and shiny tan tights and taped my penis back so im smooth as a girl i always loved leotard since i was 5 my sister always dressed me up in them...When I was about ten or something I used to steal my cousin's clothes who's about the same age as me and take them home where I would happily dress late at night. We were casually just playing on her Play Station in her room when her mum called her for dinner, although I was more than welcome in the house because I... She made me get out of bed , and wait for dad to come home. One day while she was out for the afternoon or so I thought I went into her room and found that she had left her black lace bra and matching panties... I weigh 147lbs and stand 5'9" with a really girly butt. I was raised by my mother and as she had to work I had plenty of free time.only to be greeted by neighbour, I was in the middle on the garden when I heard him and then saw him up a ladder against his house, giving him a clear view of me. She had caught me several times from the age of about 9 but finally shortly after my 11th birthday she caught me yet again. It was a Thursday night she had caught me and she...

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