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Register now to avoid missing out on this exclusive, FREE event.Drinks and canapés will be served throughout as you get to know lots of different people and learn more about who is just right for you. Money is easy to get to help you with your wildest dreams so if you have a dream come along and learn how it is all done. We have three going through at the moment to wipe out the loans by way of our process so that the three people will be financially free to achieve their wildest dreams.Once again we will have money on the table to any member who can prove our free money sytemdoes not work.There will be a happy hour/mixer after the speed dates to give you more opportunities to get to know your dates.After the event, you will also receive your match list detailing who is interested in you and your mutual matches.

safe=off&biw=1920&bih=912&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=b4c2Wqin DImk8QWY4LGo Cg&q=cowboy thai dee why&oq=cowboy thai dee why&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i24k1l2.32885.35042.0.36895. Explore the pizza and pasta menu, offering delights like gnocchi di capagna with basil pesto and fresh burrata; spaghetti with fried eggplant and salted ricotta; proscuitto e fichi pizza with figs, prosciutto and gorgonzola; porchetta pizza with caramelised onion and slow-roasted pork belly; and more – Come along and bring a friend if you like.

Lunch party at Lorraine's at Malabar, address given when you book. Everyone to bring some food and drink to share, no charge for the day. We are forming a community of those visionaries who have dreams and wish to achieve their dreams, and want to know how, and how to have the wherewithal and wish to mix and meet with other visionaries and dreamers to hear their dreams and successes that all may learn and be inspired... Some news to share: Hi Amanda Thank you for your lovely card. David On Friday evening, shortly after the successful tracking down and signing up of the author for the publication of his book “The Gospel, Trial and Claims of Mary Magdalene”, the evening before his birthday on September 2, being our first day of spring, the author, being the co-founder and organizer of a long running, prestigious Restaurant and Dining club in Sydney (est 1978), attended a dinner in bra (Ma rue bra) at El Toro Tapas and Pizza down on my right and, not knowing about the sign up, and told me she had bought me a movie voucher as a present and a birthday card.

Thus, at some of get-togethers, we may talk about little-known skills and tools like trackounting (DFR), relationship agreements, the expansive field of law therapy,listeration, decluttering, getting the wherewithal, reprogramming your subconscious mind for success, bad habit/debt wipeout/erasure, socializationment, casting off, etc etc. It's a nice thought to think that I am not old, I am classic. However, unfortunately, she said, she had absentmindedly put both the voucher and card on the roof of her car and got in, driving off, forgetting that they were on the roof.

Tonight we are returning to this wonderful thai restaurant which has live music and dancing and they said they are going to put up balloons for us - Tonight is about or so, but no more than say .50 per head.

You can order what you wish if you like - Come along and bring a friend if you like.

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