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The tag cloud for popular tags in the channels section need some serious fixing (–000 0000008august252006 01 does not help one find a channel) Operator11 launched an Alpha version of a service that has been described as a “cross between My Space, Jumpcut, You Tube, and AOL chat rooms.” The site allows users to not only live cast themselves, but also mix the live feeds with that of their friends, as well as upload videos to mix in the production.People have been broadcasting live video to the Internet for years now, first mainstreamed by Jennicam.The company, founded in San Francisco by Justin Kan and Co.after selling Kiko on e Bay, received ,000 from Y Combinator and an undisclosed amount from Alsop Louie in October, and was originally a 24/7 window into the life of Justin.updated Thanks to the meteoric rise of You Tube, anyone with a video camera and an internet connection can be a star.More recently, they can live stream themselves to you 24/7, even from a mobile phone.Going against a US mobile giant will be no easy task if the service isn’t better and/or cheaper. Many people are wary of new contracts…you must have AT&T (or switch over) to take advantage — this may not create as much demand as the i Phone.

Lawsuits will arise as individuals find ways to usurp copyright material by taking their mobile phones to sporting events, movies, concerts or other events.

Here we take a look at 14 companies competing in this sector. TV, featuring a live cam of a guy named Justin in San Francisco, helped spearhead the new wave of popularity, but a host of other companies are battling for a piece of this market.

Hand in hand with the popularity of video streaming and downloads comes questions of legality.

In October, it expanded into a public network, allowing anyone with a camera and computer to videocast their life. Seriously, how exciting is it to watch and chat with Justine as she struggles to set up her vidcap or i John sleep?

Le Web conference organizer, Loic Le Meur , with the backing of Ron Conway and Techcrunch’s Michael Arrington, founded Seesmic, which is sometimes described as a “video twitter.” . TV, a Riverside-based company with an undisclosed amount of funding that lists General Wesley Clark on its advisory board, is a site for live Web video broadcasting. Some elements show design by a techie– TV littered with trackback comments.

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