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There are times in life when we all seek inspiration.

To gain perspective from someone who has achieved the goal we are trying to reach. “to find your true abf partner you must have patience and persistence, but the rewards are there” Connect with other people who are interested in adult breastfeeding ABF and adult nursing relationships.

There is a primal bonding that takes place between a woman and her baby as it suckles from her breasts.

if I was anything so I looked on craigslist (we did not have any of todays tech when I was young) found a guy he came over took his **** out the 1st time I touched another **** so I started to jerk him off, an then told my self the hell with it an went down on his...

i had been told about a place that gay and bi men go to for sex, it is not far from home, about 10 miles or so, it was a nice sunny afternoon so i drove over to it, getting changed into femme clothes en route. I'm a bit older myself now but even as a teen transvestite i loved to be lusted after by much older men.

most men im with are 40 (oldest ive had sex with so far is 57).

im bi and i still have sex with girls but mostly its with men these days.

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I love to dress up in sexy lingerie for older men, and model for them.

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