Cygwin updating

Fortunately, all this can be automated: The option I use is to create a small bash script which checks see if there is a newer setup file, download it if there is an update, and then run it, with a few parameters that stop it from creating a dozen shortcuts on your desktop, etc.

Thanks to the functionality of wget (which you’ll have to install) this is as simple as: The script downloads a copy of the setup executable to your /usr/local/bin directory, which is the correct place for locally installed programs of this sort.

Something resembling yum on Fedora and apt on Debian and Ubuntu would be extremely helpful, particularly for setting up a new system.

Manually picking through a list of packages is tedious and error prone, while a command line with a list of packages can be reliably pasted from a web page.

Check that you have following packages under Cygwin.

I'm going to call mine 'update' nano update # After entering the script into that file, save it and make it executable.chmod u x update # And make sure /usr/local/bin is in your .bashrc path variable, or add it like so: PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/bin" export PATH Alternately, there is a command line installer, much like Debian’s apt-get, called apt-cyg, which has now moved off Google Code, onto Github.

To use Python 3 in a non-intrusive manner, if you don't have one already, create a file called ".bash_profile" in your user home directory. On my Windows machine this looks like so: Adjust the path according to where your install is located, and if on Windows, be careful to ensure you're using UNIX line breaks or you will get a message such as "bash: $'\r': command not found".

You should now be able to use the "python3" command, and you haven't modified the version of Python that came with Cygwin.

I see a very obsolete version of gcc from the Cygwin I like to use the command line a lot and Cygwin fixes that for me (I also like the unix commands). Don't you want any kind of IDE and visual debugger on windows?

I'd rather use Cygwin than Min GW MSYS because I like things all in one, rather than things all over the place. (A step by step would be appreciated as I do not know anything about building a program from source) Also, what would I need from Cygwin to build/update Cygwin's gcc? Or do I just get the necessities from Cygwin and then build gcc using Cygwin and install gcc?

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