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Seriously, the credits roll and that's the end right about how the kids may be spoiled rotten, but the divorced and getting-divorced adults are even more rotten, which is why their 12-year-old kids seek consolation in a shocking romance with each other.The pale, gray, childish, aged, melancholy, yet often simply cheerful, and sometimes delicately intelligent aspect of Clifford, peering from behind the faded crimson of the curtain, --watching the monotony of every-day occurrences with a kind of , and light- headed, this; but travellers in the valley of the shadow of death are apt to be light-headed; and worn-out old people of low estate have a trick of reasoning as indifferently as they live, and doubtless would appreciate our Poor Law more philosophically on an income of ten thousand a year.sensation, true love can be obtained through commitment and trust, college is a viable option for anyone who is motivated, no matter what side of the tracks you're from--and certainly African Americans can be successful at more that just sports.The excuse plot: In this downbeat story, the mentally scarred and broken soldier Paul, home from the senseless slaughter of World War I, is contemplating suicide until a fresh young girl named Eva helps brighten up his life and pull him back from the brink.

Even though this trash didn't quite make the list, however, it's still pretty obviously little else but a wretched excuse for showing off some feminine flesh of both the motherly and dangerously-underage-daughterly kind.

The excuse plot: Actually, don't expect to hear many artsy-fartsy excuses about this being about a "painful coming-of-age story" or anything like that, because even its defenders tend to acknowledge this flick is mostly just a rip-off of the somewhat well-known Emanuelle series of soft-to-semi-hard-core porno flicks.

The main focus is on the sexual exploits of the titular Emanuelle and a hit man she hired to kill her abusive husband, with her jailbait daughter's loss of virginity and subsequent rape just kind of slipped in between a lot of other thoroughly preposterous sex scenes.

The movie's worst offense(s): Supposing for the moment that the daughter really were 12 years old, these would be a scene in which Livia gets all naked and snuggly with a boy who looks roughly the same age as she is, and then a later scene when her mother's hired hit man, having nailed just about every consenting female with a pulse in this movie, decides to have his way with the explicitly non-consenting Livia as well.

As if we needed any further reminders that the whole point of this "story" is to set up the sex scenes, it doesn't last much longer beyond this rape scene, tying up this loose thread rather abruptly with Emanuelle's confronting and shooting the rapist and then standing around waiting to be arrested as a crowd gathers.

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