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The starting point pic was the usual simple black lines on white paper - a little girl in a dress.I wanted to add strategically placed ropes to make her look tied up. I felt of course that ropes should be done in white.Remember the scene in the movie Dune where Lady Jessica is being transported, gagged, not bound, but only gagged so she cannot use her voice to control the minds of her captors? As an adult, most of my girlfriends enjoyed being tied up for sex, but only a few let me throw in a gag. This is a piece I just completed for Geoffrey Merrick for use on his new website, I still maintain that this new model you're using is the best I've ever seen in your images, and that's saying a LOT. Today's cover is from Adventure Oct 1959 V136 #1 Mr.It's based on a scene with his Kate Lipton character from his "perils of paulinesque" "Damsel 2" storyline. Chaser: Thank you so much for your excellent review of "Barbarian Queen." I especially enjoyed your witty commentary regarding this silly, campy flick. To those asking Ralphus to give you a collection of the daily photos, I'll let him give his own official answer, but from people asking in the past, I'm gonna say your out of luck.Ralphus takes the time to post those for the specific reason of having you come here everyday to see what the new one is, knowing full well that if you forgot to visit you missed the pic. Who knows, he may change his mind with the new board, but I doubt it.One day I came across a story in the Penthouse Letters section, written from the point of view of a woman who had been caught stealing money from her employer.

She was my friend and I felt certain if she knew these seemingly mean thoughts I was having about her it would hurt her feelings or upset her.

He makes her write and sign a statement to that effect, then sends her out to purchase a crop.

The first ten were given over her skirt, the next ten on her panties, and the final ten were applied to her bare bottom.

He was stripped to the waist, with his arms tied overhead to a tree limb.

He had been shot with 3 or 4 arrows, but he was still conscious.

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