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This story will be set a few weeks before Christmas. Dan and Nathan and the rest of the group are from Tree hill. It's then that Brooke begins to question if maybe what she feels for Caleb is not simply platonic, and perhaps something much bigger. She needs a distraction from her handsome best friend who she may or may not be in love with, and there just so happens to be a new guy in town with blue eyes that she could get lost in; Chase Collins.

They will end up in Tree Hill and Dan and Karen will find them. may contain some strong language Brooke Davis and Caleb Danvers, childhood best friends, always have had a connection that no one or anything else could compare to. The more Brooke begins to realize that she has feelings for Caleb, the more she seems to fall deeper into Chase's grips. She made a choice and, like every other decision that's made, there were consequences – and this one she could never take back. When Lucas received a call from Brooke, he couldn't help but shake the feeling that something was wrong.

Haley has a huge arc surrounding her singing chops because Schwahn overheard Lenz singing in a parking lot and decided to give her character a singing career.12.

was named one of the top television shows in 2009 by the ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards.

Playing on the Rivercourt just isn't enough for Sydney.

She needs more than that and will do almost anything to find an actual team to play on.

James Lafferty, who played Nathan Scott for all nine seasons of One Tree Hill, was the only actual teenager of the main cast during the first season of the show.

Lafferty was 18 years old when the show premiered in September of 2003.

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He would tell Schwahn he wanted to eat ice cream, and in nearly every scene, he’d be eating ice cream.

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