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The role of a dominatrix may not even involve physical pain toward the submissive; her domination can be verbal, involving humiliating tasks, or servitude.A dominatrix is typically a paid professional ("pro-domme") as the term "dominatrix" is little-used within the non-professional BDSM scene.The 19th Century is characterised by what historian Anne O.

Most, but not all, clients of female professional dominants are men.Male professional dominants also exist, catering predominantly to the gay male market.Women who engage in female domination typically promote and title themselves under the terms "dominatrix", "mistress", "lady", "madame", "herrin" or "goddess".1674–1702), and in accounts of forbidden books which record the flogging schools and the activities practised.This included the names of 57 women, some actresses and courtesans, who catered to birch discipline fantasies, keeping a room with rods and cat o' nine tails, and charging their clients a Guinea for a "lecture".

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The term "mistress" or "dominant mistress" is sometimes also used.

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