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Echoing my sentiment on the study is Dr Ed Friedman, an expert on estradiol and testosterone in men, and author of the book, “The New Testosterone Treatment.” According to Dr.Friedman, the NEJM study “showed that when both testosterone levels and estradiol levels rose from low levels, body fat decreased.Superabilities: Martial arts and firearm proficiency. The Pseudoderm Mask is what makes her appear faceless and helps her retain anonymity.Why you should know her: She's a crime-fighting badass who serves as a uniformed cop, detective, and successor to "The Question" superhero name.This is the kind of complexity that gets swept under the rug when folks try to over-simplify the art and science of bioidentical hormone therapy.

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A plane with all its seats filled can’t fit any more passengers; a body with all its testosterone receptors occupied can’t respond to any additional testosterone. Too-high estrogens will make men fat; so will too-low estrogens. We’ve known this since the early 2000s, when studies on this topic first came out.

So: yes, men’s bodies do require a small amount of estrogen. It’s not uncommon for a man to come into my practice with very low estrogens, and if that’s the case, we usually give testosterone.

Logically, this could have been because either testosterone decreases body fat, estradiol decreases body fat, or both do.

The researchers tested a variety of physiological levels of testosterone while holding the level of estradiol constant and demonstrated that increasing testosterone levels decreases body fat.

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