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This isn't to say there isn't entertainment value to be had in Gamer, for there certainly is, but it's an ersatz sort of engagement that may leave some yearning for the originals rather than this often faded copy.Gamer posits a world where videogames and television have become interchangeable (aren't we there already? Hall, Dexter) having cashed in on the trend first with a game/show called Society and, later, another outing called Slayers.Castle's great innovation was his invention of nanites, miniature computers which are implanted in various peoples' brains so that they can be controlled by players.What this means is that the games (shows) feature real life people engaging in activities that are being controlled by external players.

While the battle scenes are viscerally exciting, they, too, are hobbled by Neveldine/Taylor's (their preferred billing) penchant for unending edits that never allow the viewer to properly orient themselves.

) who is within a handful of wins before he'll finally be set free, hopefully to reunite with his wife (who has been reduced to participating in Society as a sex toy) and daughter, who has been given up for (forced) adoption.

Kable has become a sort of Everyman celebrity courtesy of his "appearances" in Slayers, something that worries the powers that be, especially as Kable gets closer and closer to his ultimate goal.

Even auxiliary aspects like the technology used to either view films and/or play videogames has become homogenized, for at least some Blu-ray aficionados prefer Sony's Play Station 3 (soon to be 4) as their "all in one" system to handle both types of entertainment (this is notrepeat nota "paid advertisement" or endorsement, simply a statement of fact).

There have been a glut of high profile films that have either outright exploited the world of videogames (Tron, Tron: Legacy 3D) or at the very least alluded to a videogame ethos in either plot or references to an all encompassing alternate reality (The Matrix and its sequels), so that's perhaps one reason why Gamer might seem a bit old hat.

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