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At thirteen, Sarah had a baby daughter, Bethany, and raised her with her family's support (Neil Fearns, Beth's father, stayed away).After leaving school Sarah got a job at Roy's Rolls and moved in with Todd Grimshaw.They were going to leave for Milan together in December 2007 but after discovering that Sarah had falsely accused David of taking drugs by planting them on him, Jason stayed in Weatherfield while Sarah left for Milan alone with Bethany. Sarah returned in March 2015 in order to collect Bethany, who had left Milan without her permission.Sacked by Stephen Reid after losing focus on her work priorities, she remained in the street and began work at the Rovers Return Inn as a barmaid.Todd rushed Sarah into getting engaged and having a baby but before the birth he confessed to an affair with Karl Foster and that he was gay.

Never mind that their husbands think fashion frivolous and irrelevant (as Michelle said of her husband, 'He's always asking: "Is that new? Michelle Obama's chic cardigan and pencil skirt were teamed with classic pearls and kitten heels At the moment, Michelle Obama never puts an enormous foot wrong.Sarah was born on 2nd February 1987 to a single mother Gail.Her birth reunited Gail and Brian after their divorce but it was Gail and Martin who raised her as Brian died when Sarah was two after being stabbed by a group of thugs.However, a blood test proved that Sarah was the daughter of Brian.Gail was planning to keep the paternity a secret so she can raise Sarah herself but told Brian after Gail's mother Audrey Roberts accidentally revealed it during a heated argument with him.

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