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Louisiana also required the audit code of the driver’s license or State ID in addition to the driver’s license Number or State ID number, and Washington required the issuance date of the driver’s license or State ID in addition to the driver’s license Number or State ID number [3].Figure 1 shows the voter registration pages for Delaware at which a Delaware voter can change home address.Visiting the web page again would require the voter to enter different text in the CAPTCHA field. Sources of Personal Information on Americans The intent is to require voters to provide “information that others will not have,” according to the bipartisan National Conference of State Legislators [4].

From the National Conference of State Legislators in June 2015 [23] corrected by Illinois election official.Social Security numbers (SSNs) are issued by the federal U. Social Security Administration to people who work in the United States, babies born in the United States, and people who are tax dependents of U. Many states issue identification cards, through the same department that issues driver’s license numbers, to those state residents who do not drive.Below are four readily available ways of procuring personally identifying information on Americans, including SSNs and driver’s license numbers.If the attacker chooses a new address in a different Congressional district, then the voter would likely receive a provisional ballot at her old precinct on Election Day, but provisional ballots are often not counted, depending on the state and circumstances. Idaho, Minnesota, and New Hampshire do not issue provisional ballots since they offer same-day registration.The National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) in the United States conducted a survey in June 2015 of the nation and found 24 states (updated to exclude Illinois) do not count provisional ballots that were cast in the wrong precinct [23]. North Dakota does not have voter registration and only issues provisional ballots when poll hours are extended [23].

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