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He works extremely hard to meet his strict father's high expectations in order to be considered as the next family patriarch, however unlikely that may be.

In the anime, it is seen that under the influence of Tamaki's friendship, his younger demeanor as a superficial cad is transformed and Kyoya grows to be a rational, but humanistic individual.

His manner in dealing with clients is self-assured and charming, and he is said to be the "Cool" type.

He uses his wiles as a Host to entertain guests while simultaneously earning the club money through events, online auctions of personal host objects, fanzines and doujinshi.

His obsession with the patriarchy is all but gone and this, ironically, pleases his father most of all.

As the vice-president of the Host Club, Kyoya handles all financial and planning aspects, from managing budgets to selling off merchandise in order to keep the club solvent, while still funding Tamaki's extravagant schemes.

He prefers to sleep late, often due to business and schoolwork keeping him up until the wee hours; and he suffers from hypotension, which makes rising difficult. , he chastises the other Hosts for waking him up because he himself did not fall asleep until 5 a.m.As a complete foil to Tamaki, even in appearance, he often realizes things Tamaki or the others are too naive to understand, keeping the information to himself for his own amusement or to watch things play out in order to determine how best to help the other members.He is the "Mommy" to Tamaki's "Daddy" position in the club, though he eschews the title in relation to Haruhi in the anime; while in the manga, he sometimes uses the title to his advantage.From an astrological standpoint, his birthday of November 22nd falls on the cusp of both Scorpio (the Scorpion) and Sagittarius (the Archer), thus giving him a combination of traits from either sign, although the Scorpion traits tend to be emphasized.Nonetheless, the positive traits of Scorpio are determination, fearlessness, poise, loyalty, ambition and intuition; the negative traits being jealousy, secretiveness, resentment and a controlling nature.

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