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1958/59 The first of the frames for the BR/Sulzer Type 4's were laid down at Derby during 1958, they would keep company with Type 2's D5011-5013 in the early build out.

In many cases there was no definitive 'right' or 'wrong' answer, the global use of diesel locomotives was still very much on a learning curve, with some solid successes and also many dead ends.

The engine chosen to power the BR/Sulzer Type 4's had its roots in development dating back to the early 1930's, in the Sulzer LDA series.

Development had taken this design to a maximum of eight cylinders in the single bank form.

By July D2 & D5 were back at Camden (1B), those working north of Carlisle were reaching as far north as Perth on certain workings.

A survey of WCML express passenger trains on a weekend in November at Rugby revealed five BR/Sulzer Type 4's in use, the English Type 4's were of course in the majority.

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