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The SVP claims minarets are a symbol of Shari'ah and are thus incompatible with the Swiss legal system.The proposed ban has caused an outcry in Switzerland, with the government denouncing it as unconstitutional and discriminatory."We hope these meetings will build a dialogue and better understanding," said Hisham Maizar, president of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Switzerland.Many Swiss welcomed the Muslim overture and flocked to nearby mosques to get first-hand experience."We expected 200 to 300, so we're very pleased with the turnout," said Ouansafi.The Day featured entertainment activities, games for children, free food and a panel discussion on coexistence in a pluralistic society.

Opinion polls suggest the proposed ban will be rejected by voters.Switzerland is home to some 400,000 Muslims and Islam is the second religion in the country after Christianity.There 200 mosques in Switzerland, but only four have minarets."A lot of people reacted out of fear and ignorance,” said Ouansafi.“They’ve had a chance to reflect a little bit more and people are coming around." Hawaii is home to a Muslim community of 3,000.

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The visitors were welcomed by Muslim volunteers who also answered different questions about Islam.

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