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’) to vulnerability and self-delusion ('they are genuinely interested in me’). His wife is friends with your wife so you have to be careful. I’ve been trained to walk off a heart attack.’ Some are angry and resentful.'Every guy has their reason for going to a strip club,’ a businessman explains. You see them sweat as their carefully hoarded banknotes dwindle. Insecure types who never learned how to talk to a girl. The girls there listen.’ Many of the writers feel unable to open up to their friends and family. 'I’m 61 and I like to think this is my revenge for all the beautiful women in the world whom I can’t approach, whom I can’t get.So, we did.’) 'What you see in the porn industry is what people will do when they are allowed to do anything at all,’ she says in her soft, girlish voice.The waiving of ordinary morals in war, she believes, is not a million miles from that.Breslin, in jeans, and thick socks to keep out the cold (it’s -6°C outside), guides me into the sitting-room where her husband, a Marine whom she met four months ago, formally introduces me to the snarling creatures.'Men have these hidden lives,’ says Breslin, 43, folding her long legs over each other.You know, I might wonder, “How am I going to negotiate my Forbes contract? You’re naked, you’re in the middle of this half-circle of men, there’s cameras pointed at you.’ Was it ever sexy?

For years Breslin reported from the sets of hardcore pornographic films for Playboy TV’s Sexcetera.The letters kept coming and, for 12 months, she published what she received. 'And a need for intimacy.’ This is as true of the Johns, who repeatedly write about wanting 'the company as much as the sex’, as it is of the strip-club patrons. I’m a 24-year-old who wastes his days sitting at a computer reviewing spreadsheets that don’t really matter,’ says one of the latter.Letters from Men Who Watch Pornography followed in 2010 and Letters from Men Who Go to Strip Clubs started last October. The respondents range from truck drivers to millionaires but, despite their wildly different lives, they share a number of qualities. Even those who purportedly write in to say it’s just a bit of fun end up tracing a tragic-comic path from worldly bluster ('I know the girls only have a relationship with my wallet, but that’s fine!Breslin admits, 'I certainly can’t claim with any authority that [the letters] are all true.But the ones I’ve published are specific, self-indicting and complicated.

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